Tuesday, January 02, 2007

No Bike Taxis in NYC

I just got back from the city and I noticed for the first time, lots of bike taxis in and around Times Square (remember when Times Square was just triple X theaters and hookers? Man, I miss those days.).

These oversized tricycles don’t belong on the city streets of New York. To survive on a bike in NYC, one needs to be quick (as in making decisions), fast (as in speed) and nimble (as in Jack jumped over the candle stick and missed getting doored by some dumb ass SUV).

These bike taxis clog up the streets, piss off the real cab drivers and take business away from the horse and buggies working Central Park South.

I know some cities, like San Diego, have a bunch of these bike taxis working the tourist trade down at the harbor. But New York isn’t San Diego. New York isn’t sunny, clean, healthy or happy. New York is black as a GAP t-shirt. Listen to Lou Reed’s “New York” and you’ll understand why bike taxis don’t belong here.

Keep NYC street level, the gear one and the wheels two.

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