Monday, February 05, 2007

How to Snowboard - RELAX

In climbing they say, “relax your mind and your ass will follow.”

In snowboarding I say, “relax your body and mind, and your board will follow.”

If you think of the snow slope as a giant ocean wave, then your boarding will approach a new level. And by relaxing your body and mind, you’ll get to that level sooner.

Go out to the ocean or rent a surfing flick, and watch how surfers surf. They don’t fight the waves because they can’t. You can’t fight the ocean. Nature always wins.

Good surfers relax and ride with the flow of the wave.

So the next time you start carving your way down the slope, relax and just ride the contours of the hill.

I have an old climbing t-shirt from 1986 that says, “Fight Gravity.” In snowboarding, your t-shirt shirt should say, “Don’t Fight Gravity.”

Once you get into this mindset, your riding will improve along with your enjoyment.

Go with the flow of the slope and enjoy the ride.

Surf’s up.

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