Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bike Commuters

Bike Commuters – the forgotten class.

Right now, it’s hip to be a bike messenger (or at least someone who dresses like one). And to those messengers who are in it for the long term, hats off to you guys (and girls). It’s a rough gig for sure.

But how about us bike commuters?

We are also out there everyday, dealing with the same dumb ass, Starbucks drinking, cell phone talking, MapQuest directions reading SUV drivers. And plus we don’t even paid for riding our bikes, at least not directly (i.e., we do save money on gas). The big bonus is that we are helping Al Gore to reduce CO2 and slow down global warming by leaving the car at home.

Even though most bike commuters do not usually have tats and other various forms of body art, most of us do have a bit of a punk attitude under our 3-piece suits. I mean riding a bike to work, especially in a crowded traffic area, is all about taking a stand against the status quo. Yes, we are rebels too.

So for all you bike messengers out there, give us a nod the next time you pass one of us (or when we pass you). We are brothers and sisters of the cog.


Cranked Mag said...

Well put!

Anonymous said...

hey bro. dont hate on anybody.
riding bikes sweet.
no matter if youre a messenger or a commuter.

Roman Holiday said...

I love all bikes & riders. Thanks for your comments and reading the blog. Drop me an address at & I'll drop you some stickers.

Fotaq said...

And don't forget all the bike delivery men. They're out there, too. Probably more than any of us.

gwadzilla said...


watch the fingers
the messengers may give a subtle wave
or a diminutive nod

fridrix said...

Bike commuting is a very civilized thing to do, whilst bike messengers tend to be kind of wild and crazy. Vive la difference. (I'd be a bike commuter too if I didn't work at home :| )