Saturday, September 01, 2007

Blurred Vision

Be it a local mt. bike race or blowing thru rush hour traffic in mid-town on your fixed, racing is a blur. Your little world becomes fuzzy as you are flying thru trees or passing cars. You're not making the best decisions. You're like, "screw this, I'm just going to bomb this hill without hitting my brakes" or "I'm going to past all of this traffic by blowing up the double yellow line." You're taking risks and you just don't care if self-damage occurs.

May be your brain is starved for O2, so it's not functioning properly. Who the hecks knows?

I personally love that "racing blur" sensation. That's why I race.

It's like you are almost in another time zone. You don't remember much about your surroundings. All you remember is the hard, physical effort of pushing yourself.

I'm not sure if this makes sense to most people, but if you race or try to outrun the traffic, you know what I talking about.

Just keep your head up.


Craig said...

Funny, I get most blurred, and can't remember who or what I am seeing, (other than the timing chip table) when coming through the timing tent at a 24 hr race. Just a crowd of faces, blurry . . . . all I'm thinking is get back on the bike and keep pedaling.

Nader said...

Holiday, you are the MAN. Thanks for coming to my wedding. I was really touched to see you and Mrs. Holiday there. I do sort of get the "blur" on my Diamondback Sorrento with slick tires, but uh, I see those dudes on the two-ounce bikes wizzing along and I get the feeling I am missing out on something. Am I? Mrs. Nader went into shock at the 1100 price tag for a new Giant (10 small gears in the back, 3 up front), and I just couldn't bring myself to pressuring her into it at this stage in the game.