Friday, October 26, 2007

The Beach Boys Revisited or Skateboarding on Eastern Long Island in the 1970's

I was driving to work one early Monday morning and a string of Beach Boys' songs came on the radio station. If you grew up near the ocean like I did, your first cassette tape was most likely The Beach Boys (or KISS).

I grew up surfing and boogie boarding like a mad dog. I was the first kid on the beach with a boogie board that I ordered from Surfing magazine. And of course, your skating was a reflection of your moves on the waves. This meant you spent tons of hours carving your way down big hills. Then as surfing became more aggressive, we took to the pools & backyard ramps.

Then hardcore punk hit the scene and "skate & destroy" type of skateboarding took to the streets, hell bent on breaking the rules and pissing people off, which is good, I guess.

But I miss the skate - surf connection.

Things are changing though. More long boards are now out there, ripping up the pavement in true surf style.

Snowboarding was the same way. Early snowboarders were just surfers & skaters who couldn't afford to go South in the winter. So, surfers and skaters took to the snow-covered hills in the winter. Then snowboarding got a "screw you" attitude. But like skateboarding, I think, more boarders are moving out of the park/half pipe and experiencing the joy of curving down the fall line.

I love the ocean. I love the waves. I always wanted my skating & snowboarding to have that connection to the water.

Read up on Gerry Lopez (soul surfer). He's the real deal.

Good vibrations everyone.


the original big ring said...

I grew up beside the ocean as well, back in Nova Scotia. Haven't lived there (except for part of the summers) since I had to grow up and get a job. The surf scene there has blown up! Lawrence Town Beach is becoming a mecca for surfing in the northern hemisphere on the east coast. If I was back home I'd totally be into that.

Roman Holiday said...

I've been to NS 2x. Once by bike, once by car. Great area. I would love to retire up there. Schooner beer - yeah.