Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Johnny Cash

I love punk music from the 1970s.
People often ask - who started punk?
Iggy? MC5? Television? May be?
I say Johnny Cash.
That man was pissed off for sure.
As I was driving to school tonight, I heard a punk rock version of "Ring of Fire". I'm not sure who the band was, but it rocked.
This confirmed my belief that Mr. Cash was the founder of punk.
And plus, Johnny wore all black way before Lou Reed did.
ps: here's the link to the song by Social Distortion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_i2ESgR0FUM


Carl said...

Wall Of Voodoo Did a version of "Ring of fire"

They are the guys that did "Mexican Radio"

was this the song? http://www.wallofvoodoo.net/music/stanridgway_ring_of_fire.mp3

Anonymous said...


Nicholas Williams said...

mighta bin Social D, eh? I dig there cover.

Roman Holiday said...

N0, it wasn't Wall of VooDoo. it was more punk, fast-driven. I'll try to locate it later.

Judi said...

Social D did the cover - and yea Johnny Cash was awesome. And on major drugs.

Judi said...

Oh fuck, I thought it was Social D! MY BAD!

Judi said...

Cool, I'll link you too. Right on.