Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Nova Scotia (New Scotland)

Years ago when index shifters on the DOWNTUBE were hot and the US $ was worth something in Canada, I & 3 buddies headed North by Northeast towards Nova Scotia. We caught the ferry in Bar Harbour, Maine & 6 hours & a few beers later we landed in Yarmouth.

During the next few days, we rode from Yarmouth to Shelburne, hung a left at Liverpool, traveled across the interior past the Kajimkujik National Park, then hung another left at Digby & rode back towards Yarmouth in a strong headwind. Once in Yarmouth, we hopped on the ferry again and steamed our way back to Maine.

When I wasn't looking at someone's rear wheel, I remember great views of the countryside & relatively quiet roads to bike on. Also, I remember meeting super friendly & easy going people along the way. And of course, there's Schooner Beer.

If you have a few free days this summer, I highly recommend a bike trip to Nova Scotia.

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the original big ring said...

NS is my home province. Was brought up (in Digby no less - small world!) on Schooner - taking swigs out of my old mans bottle when he wasn't looking. We lived on Lighthouse road, the road that ran perpendicular (just up a bit) to the road that takes you to the ferry from Digby to St John, New Brunswick. Lived there for six years of my life. Been back only a few times since. Beauty little town.