Thursday, May 08, 2008


A kid on my street owned one of these bikes in the mid-1970s. It was a heavy bike for a 12 year old to pedal, but it was sure fun to ride. A pre-full suspension mt bike I guess.


Peter said...

White Plains NY about 1975 some kid moved on the block from the West coast I think and he had this bike in Grey. We all took turns riding this and yes I remember it was a thrill. We all had beaters we built from scratch from frames we found on the curbs and parts from the WP City Dump. Custom Schwinn Stingrays and
other Banana seat type bikes. We jumped over garbage can with plywood ramps behind a supermarket on Mamaroneck Ave. Long time ago.

Roman Holiday said...

There was a Yamaha motorcycle shop up the road from my street that I grew up on (also in NY). They also sold bikes. I was like you, we all rode single speed, coaster brake bikes. So, when the kid at the end of the road brought one of these, we were like, wow!. I begged my mom for the same bike, but no such luck.

Jerome said...

My cousin had one. None of us would want to ride it to our 'jump site'. Then we'd fight like made to take turns launching the thing. Then, we'd again make the weekest among us (would certainly loose if it came to a fist fight) ride it home. Ah the memories.