Sunday, August 24, 2008

Greater Than One (or less than zero)

"Won't you be my number 2." - Joe Jackson

For the 1st 30 years of my life, I only owned 1 bike at a time.

During the last 15 years or so, I have added a total of 4 bikes to my shed. I try to spend equal amounts of time with each bike, sort of like one of those guys who lives in UT with multiple wives.

It's fun to spread the love around, but the closeness is missing.

When you just own 1 bike, you're on it almost everyday and as a result, you develop a special bond with that bike. It's a nice feeling for sure.

Lately, I have been longing to own just 1 bike again to regain that 1-bike love that's missing from my life.


Rhino said...

Life with one gear rocks, Life with one bike would suck. In any case, my one bike would have to be a full rigid 29er with horizontal dropouts and a derail hanger....just in case.

Anonymous said...

Seldom see a joe jackson quote. Thanks for that. /Stfi