Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A Life of its Own

My bike-to-work/school commutes have ranged from about 6 to 50 miles round trip over the past 30 years.

It's a funny thing how each commute takes on a life of its own - same daily routine, same people on the streets, same roads...

My favorite bike commute, which I did for 3 years, was a 12 miler (round trip). It traveled mostly through towns and neighborhood streets with some very minor upgrades thrown in for fun. Since most of the street had lights, I rode this route year round.

Why did I love this one over the many others? Because at the end of the work day, it was a red-line, pedal to the metal 6 mile sprint home - 5 days a week. A great way to end the day for sure.

And plus, commuting the 60 miles per work week was just enough to keep my fitness on the upside for my weekend rides.

Enjoy your ride home.

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