Tuesday, October 28, 2008


An old buddy of 26 years was in NYC for business last week. So I rode my bike (Roman Holiday) to meet him at the train station.

Something popped in my mind.

You see, Roman Holiday is the same exact bike I had in college 26 years ago. Back then, my nightly routine consisted of: study in the library until about 11 pm and then a few "buckets" of beer at the college pub, which was located below the library.

Then around midnight or so, I would hop on Roman Holiday for a quick 5-minute ride home. Unlocking my bike and riding home, while hitting all of the green lights, was the best part of my day.

Back to present.

I get my buddy back on a NYC-bound train and then I unlock my bike. With a few pints in my belly, I saddled up on Roman Holiday and blow through town. I'm home in no time.

As I'm flying through town, I am instantly transported back to my 1980's college days.

Bikes remind you of the past and move you forward at the same time.


the original big ring said...

the second best part is you drank beer!

Roman Holiday said...

Bikes and Beer = fun, but be safe out there.

Groover said...

Great post. Makes me all nostalgic. :-)