Sunday, January 11, 2009

On a Shoestring Budget (or 3 screws)

Ice climbing gear is expensive. In 86', I was a poor graduate student. I could only afford to buy 3 ice climbing screws.
So, up I went.
Each belay station only had 1 screw for an anchor. That left me with a single screw for my running protection.
Even though Shoestring Gully is a moderate climb, it was my 1st ice climb that I lead from top to bottom (in full winter conditions), so having a few extra screws would have been nice.
But I learned on that cold, windy day that "faith in equipment replaces faith in oneself".
That mindset has always stuck with me in everything that I do, even to this day.
And the thing is, I still have all of my original ice screws and I still use them because I trust myself more than I trust my equipment.
Shoestring Gully
Mt. Webster, NH

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