Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I Gave It My All

There's a little Tour de France inside all of us.

Tuesday morning, 7:25 am

I looked behind me & there he was, about half my age, on a nice bike & wearing a full racing kit.

The next 7 miles or so are hills.

I just had a new SURLY Pacer steel fork put on my road bike yesterday, so I give it my all & go.

At one point, I was about 50 yards up on racer boy.

At the start of the first big hill, he was about 30 yards behind me.

We fight it out in the "mountains".

Racer boy finally passes me on the last hill.

He says, "Man, you were flying. Sit on my wheel." But I do a stage 16 Landis & bonk out.

I lost the stage, but it was a good fight until the end.

The late Marco Pantani would have been proud.


Groover said...

Nice one! :-)

the original big ring said...

Wicked. I'm no road racer, but love it when I can stick with, or even pass a roadie in full racer-boy kit. I try not to think that they are maybe on a recovery ride and going slow (which is probably the case most of the time when I do pass them ; ). I'll take it regardless!

Roman Holiday said...

Thanks for the comments. See part 2 above.