Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Flip Flops

Note to self: don't race a guy on a tricked out Eddy Merckx bike while wearing flip flops.

Last week I was enjoying the sun & surf in Newport, RI (nice place). I brought my old road single speed bike up with me. This bike is outfitted with some big old BMX platform pedals for everyday "need to run to the store" riding.

On my last day, I was cruising around the southern tip of the island, pedaling with my flip flops on. Then I saw Mr. Eddy Merckx bike dude.

We started to race. Surprisingly, I was going pretty fast with the flip flops. I held him off for about 15 min, but then I lost the battle. That was OK - I mean - how can a flip flop cyclist compete with a bike like that.

Now picture this: I was trying to bridge the gap and out of nowhere, both feet came off the pedals in the forward direction, all 10 toes were dragged hard against the rough pavement, both pedals dug into the backside of my calves & caused some nice punctured wounds and finally, my manhood slammed into the top tube (sort of like what Lance did into 2003 TdF).

Once again- don't race wearing flip flops.


Jerome said...

woaw, sounds not very pleasent. Top tube, jewels. ouch. Good advice!

Groover said...

Ouch. You had me crinch big time reading this. Hope all is ok, mate.

Roman Holiday said...

The good news is: won't need to file my toe nails for a while.